Oh la banana

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I don't reblog anything, this tumblr is for my art. I'm a huge fan of Adventure time so 90% of my drawings are fanarts from the show! (Mostly Gumlee and bubbline).

Don't hesitate if you want me to draw something about Adventure time, you can ask me anything, I'll see when I have time to draw the request.

English is not my first language, sorry for all the mistakes!

Hummm… Maybe there’s a little too much bubbline in this tumblr! >_>

Just a quick Bmo, took me 10 minutes tops.

I have a twitter account that is pretty useless because I never post anything so I decided to do something about it and starting to post the sketches, doodles, useless little drawings and unfinished ones that I don’t post on my tumblr. In case you’re interested: Here it is

I still try to find a way to color my drawings and I really suck at it. But this time I said screw it I just go simple…and, well, the result turn out to be not as bad as I expected! I should stick to what I know best but it’s so frustrating because I can’t color my drawings the way I would like to. It’s even worst when I see other people’s art and I can’t even do half of it!

I have to say… I don’t usually draw ponies… well actually that’s not true: I never draw ponies (I don’t like horses) but I love My little pony friendship is magic so I had to draw some fanarts! Here is princess cadence, one of my favorite character. 

That’s why my english sucks so much!

First set of haikyuu chibis. 

Bubble bath bubbline time! I’m glad I have way more time to draw. 

One day, I’ll probably be able to color properly my drawings… one day… T^T

It’s been awhile since I haven’t draw anything so I did a quick bubbline. 

Nobody messes with the princess of the candy kingdom! This is just a quick drawing of Pb I did the other day. It’s actually part of a comic i’m working on, a sort of war between the candy kingdom and the fire kingdom.